Benefits for residents of SEZ "Innopolis"
On the territory of SEZ "Innopolis" innovative companies can take advantage of tax benefits and preferences for convenient business conduction.
Profit tax

- federal:
2% since 2018

- regional:
0% the first 5 years
5% for next 5 years
13.5% after ten years
Transport tax

for 10 years from the date of the tax base emergence
Property tax

for 10 years from the date of the tax base emergence
Land tax

for 5 years from the date of the tax base emergence
Insurance contribution
Land lease
Residents of the SEZ Innopolis can rent a land plot for the construction of their own office or industrial building on special conditions. The SEZ conducts the necessary engineering networks to the resident's plot and connects to them at preferential rates. After completion of the construction, the resident can acquire the right of ownership for this particular land plot.
Land value on the territory of SEZ "Innopolis" in Verkhneuslonsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan (Innopolis) 1 ha ~ 997 410 RUB.
Office rent
SEZ "Innopolis" provides residents with ready-made office spaces available for renting which are located in high-tech and multifunctional complexes with extensive conference facilities and sufficient for successful

Rental rates for office spaces of ADC. A. S. Popova, Technopark of SEZ "Innopolis"
IT-university as a source of highly qualified specialists
Highly qualified personnel resources prepared by Innopolis University, as well as the proximity of specialized universities in the region will be a significant advantage for companies-residents of the SEZ. The industrial partner of the University can choose bright prospective employees and start working together even before graduation. Students have a chance to do an internship in the company, later becoming its highly valued workforce.
All vacancies
Involvement of foreign specialists
Under Russian law, the limitation for issuing invitations to foreign citizens to enter the Russian Federation for the employment and the quota for issuing work permits to foreign citizens does not apply to highly qualified specialists and members of their families. Such a specialist is defined as a foreign citizen with experience in the relevant field and with a salary of at least 700 thousand rubles per year.
Preferential rent and purchase of dwelling
Employees of companies-residents of SEZ "Innopolis" have the opportunity to rent or to acquire on preferential terms the property of modern comfortable dwelling on the territory of Innopolis - from apartments in modern apartment buildings to town houses and cottages.
Simplified administration of resident activities
Employees of the SEZ management company provide residents with constant support and simplified administration of their activities in the SEZ right from the application process for resident status. Simplified administration mode allows to respond to residents ' requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.
How to become a resident of SEZ Innopolis
Stages of obtaining a Certificate of SEZ Innopolis Resident
An applicant for the status of resident and JSC "SEZ" Innopolis " conclude an agreement on the confidentiality of the applicant's information during the negotiations. The agreement is concluded at the request of the parties.
The applicant for the resident status submits a request for residency to the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan and JSC "SEZ "Innopolis". A business plan and accompanying documents should be included.
Project presentation
The applicant presents the project at the Supervisory Board of the SEZ "Innopolis".
Application consideration
The application is considered by the expert Council of SEZ "Innopolis". If the expected investment is less than 30 million rubles and does not require the land plot provision, then the application is considered by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan.
If the decision on the project is positive, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan prepares and sends for signing an agreement on the implementation of activities in the SEZ "Innopolis to the applicant and to JSC "SEZ "Innopolis" ".
The agreement signing
Within three working days from the date of signing the agreement, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan sends to the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation a copy of the signed agreement on the implementation of activities in the SEZ "Innopolis".
Within five working days the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation registers the resident of SEZ "Innopolis" and issues resident certificate.
Requirements for residents
A resident of the SEZ "Innopolis" can be a commercial organization or a sole proprietor registered in the territory of Verkhneuslonsky or Laishevsky municipal districts of the Republic of Tatarstan and planning to carry out technical implementation activities on the territory of the SEZ.
According to Federal law No. 116-FZ of 22 July 2005 "About special economic zones in the Russian Federation", technical and implementation activities are:
  • innovative activity;
  • creation, production and sale of scientific and technical products;
  • creation and implementation of programs for electronic computation systems, databases, topologies of integrated circuits, information systems, as well as the provision of services for the implementation and maintenance of these products, programs, databases, topologies and systems;
  • provision of services to residents of the SEZ innovative infrastructure services required for the implementation of their activities.

List of documents for application for resident status of JSC "SEZ Innopolis".
  1. Application for the conclusion of an agreement on the of technical implementation activities in the SEZ.
  2. Business plan in the form approved by the Order of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation (of March 23, 2006 No. 75).
  3. Copies of constituent documents (for entities).
  4. A copy of the certificate of state registration.
  5. A copy of the certificate of registration from the tax authority.

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